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Website Accessibility

The L9 PLatform is built on accessible code out of the box, and our team monitors the ever-changing guidelines to help ensure your website stays that way.

Accessible Code Out of the Box

It’s a best practice to make certain that your website is accessible at launch and after. And given the current climate of increasing accessibility litigation, it’s more important than ever to have a site that conforms to accessibility guidelines. To help maximize the conformance of Level 9 client sites, the code that makes up the L9 platform is built and maintained with a focus on accessibility.

Screen Reader Friendly
Keyboard Friendly
ALT Tag Support
Structured Content
Color Contrast Ratio Compliance

Optional Quarterly Scanning

Make sure your site stays accessible for the long haul

We offer optional quarterly accessibility audits to all clients. We use comprehensive third-party tools and produce reports outlining any issues that are found as well as recommendations for remediation. Then we help you fix the issues.

Website Accessibility for Credit Unions

We wrote one of the first white papers on website accessibility and how accessibility conformance directly impacts credit unions and other financial institutions. Years of research and experience in building accessible websites — and fixing non-conforming sites — have made us experts in the field. We shared some of this in our white paper and we’d be happy to share more if you’d like to discuss how to improve the accessibility of your site.