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Security & Auditing

The L9 Platform was built with security at the core and is the most secure and reliable platform for financial institutions to manage their websites. It provides a detailed level of audit-logging and content permissions so that you can track changes and give access to only the pieces of content that any given individual may need. It is also built on the most secure CMS code-base available to financial institutions today so you can rest assured your website data is safe from attacks and cyber-criminals.

Unparalleled Application Security

The L9 Platfrom is the most secure CMS in the industry.

Under the hood, the L9 Platform employs a least-privilege methodology at both the code and database level. We use a variety of security assessment tools and routinely scan for vulnerabilities in our code. In addition to our own scans, our customers and their auditors or hosting companies perform their own scans.  Because of this, our CMS platform has been subjected to a very broad variety of security tools and has always fared well.  We are proud of our security track record.

Granular and Secure Platform Access

The L9 Platform administrative interface supports configurable password policy enforcement and multi-factor authentication which can be required for all access or only for out-of-band access from an untrusted network address. Most operations and content types within the CMS can be granted on a per-user basis.

Better Than the Rest

There is no better CMS for Credit Unions

Our core code consists of more than 75,000 lines of code and we know every line because we've written it all. We create our own CMS so we can customize it to serve the unique needs of credit unions and we can be confident in the security of the code. A one-size-fits-all open source CMS, like WordPress, takes more effort to customize, imposes limitations, and is target for security threats.