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Rates Management

Rates are an integral part of business for your Credit Union. Managing them and showing them in real time has never been easier than with the L9 Platform's Rates Management.

Real Time Rates Display and Distributed Management

The L9 platform includes the perfect management tool to keep all of your financial institution's rates up to date. It supports publishing in multiple places, rate tokens for distributed display, scheduling and more.

Rate Tables on Any Page
Tables can be managed in one place and inserted in multiple pages.
Rate Alerts via Email
Users can sign up to be notified when a rate changes.
Design Control
Unique formatting of rate tables is within your reach.
Rate Sync
Rate "tokens" can be inserted anywhere in content so real time rates appear.
Table Level Permissions
User permissions can be given for a single rate table, or many.

Alert users when a rate changes
with Rate Alerts

With Rate Alerts, your members or customers get an email when rates they are interested in change. This gives your audience the most up-to-date information about their rate so they can make decisions at the right time. Once they sign up for rate alerts, we'll let them know when you change the rate on your site so they don't miss out on important savings.

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Calculators driven by real time rates

Couple your L9 Platform rate database with the functions of our custom calculators so your website users can calculate loan payments or deposit earnings with real rates in real-time.