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Distributed Content

With L9 Personalization, your website learns from your users' behavior and shows them content based on their actual needs. You build tag content, set triggers, and the platform does the rest.

Let's talk about “BITS”

BITS is a revolutionary editing and content creation tool within the L9 Platform. It allows you to manage your site content in ways you've never seen. We can build custom design and layout templates for your site, and you can edit them, duplicate them, configure them and place them anywhere on the site.

Multi-Column Layouts
Design Configuration
Theme Selection for Elements
Create in One Place Publish in Many
Schedule Pieces of Content

Change the Way You Design and Edit Pages

BITS allows your team to edit content in ways you have not been able to before. You can schedule sections of pages or content elements, assign user permissions to specific pieces or types of content, and duplicate existing content to make creating new content consistent.

No Design Skills Needed

The robust features of BITS allow us to design custom layouts and features for your site while giving you full editing control. Content is separated from the design but you still have complete control over the presentation. This provides for a consistent and professional appearance coupled with a positive user experience.

Increase Conversions with Content Personalization

Level 9 has developed a robust set of personalization tools that can tightly integrate into our platform to present your audience with content pertinent to their exact needs.